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'Like trees, we grow and keep on bearing fruit.'

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Phonics & Reading accuracy

Bearing  fruit in phonics and reading accuracy

At Dagnall C of E we strive to ensure every child 'grows and bears fruit' in reading accuracy (and subsequently spelling) through:

  • using phonics as the prime strategy for reading words accurately
  • identifying and blending individual phonemes within a word
  • confidently attempting unknown words, using their phonic knowledge and skills
  • segmenting spoken words into phonemes for spelling
  • being willing to practise skills regularly to gain fluency
  • encode and spell 'tricky words' and note the 'tricky' part of the word
  • saying the sounds as they write them


Reading accuracy is taught through a systemic, synthetic phonics programme, based on the DfES validated 'Phonics International' programme as our principle guide, supplemented by activities from Wand Phonics online activities (linked to Phonics International).


Children are taught 12 units according to age (see

Phonics lessons are daily between 10-25 mins, depending on children's age, from Nursery to Year 2. Children have opportunities to apply their skills during guided reading and 1-1 reading, as well as during writing tasks. We also do rhyme time to secure foundation skills, such as alliteration, rhythm, onset and rime, syllables, etc.  Children complete the phonics screening check in Year 1. Children in Year 2 onwards who need support with phonics are provided with interventions. 

We use decodable books for children to practise individual sounds/digraphs. These are chosen by an adult and are matched to the child's needs and organised according to Units 1-12. There is a clear expectation around which books are for the child to read to practise their phonics (95-100% accuracy level), and which books are for an adult to share with them. We use bookmarks so the adult at home is aware of the difference. 


Each class has a giant Phonics International alphabet code chart and children have individual Phonics International code charts to use during writing sessions. 


Want to know more?  Speak to the Headteacher or your child's class teacher.