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Dagnall VA Church of England School

'Like trees, we grow and keep on bearing fruit.'

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'They are like trees growing near a stream

and sending out roots to the water.

They are not afraid when hot weather comes,

because their leaves stay green;

they have no worries when there is no rain;

they keep on bearing fruit.'


Jeremiah 17: 8

Our Vision for education is deeply Christian, with Jesus' promise of 'Life in all its fullness' at its heart (John 10:10).
The above verse from Jeremiah encapsulates our vision for our pupils - that they may grow, bear fruit at every stage and in every aspect of their lives through living out the twelve Values we teach (see Values tab). 

Our Vision is for our pupils, but also for the common good of the whole community.
  • We educate for wisdom, knowledge and skills: enabling discipline, confidence and delight in learning
  • We educate for hope and aspiration: enabling resilience, healing, repair and renewal.
  • We educate for community and living well together: encouraging the qualities of character that enable people to flourish together.
  • We educate for dignity and respect: embedding respect for the value and preciousness of each person.